I just got a dog. How do I know if and when he needs grooming?

First off, congratulations! Life with dogs is awesome. Second, the "if" answer is easy:  your dog does need grooming. When and what kind?  We can help you with that. Give us a call if any of the following apply to your pup: 1) he's stinky; 2) he's scratching a lot; 3) he's scooting along on the ground on his hiney; 4) his breath stinks; 5) he looks dirty; 6) you don't know when his ears/teeth/fur/whatever were last cleaned; 7) you can hear his nails click on hard surfaces; 8) his fur is looking tangled or even (gasp!) matted. All of those are signs it's time for a little (ahem) maintenance.

Anything I need to do before my visit?

Make an appointment.  Ensure that your pup is up-to-date on her rabies vaccination.  If she’s never been to a salon, read up on our blog about how to acclimate her a bit to the experience beforehand.  And be sure to fill out this form and bring it in with you.

What if my dog is aggressive?

Will you groom him? We will do our best! We’re trained to handle dogs who are a bit aggressive or have other behavioral issues. If, for the most part, your dog is friendly, okay around other dogs and people, and comfortable being handled, you should be good to go. But there are some cases in which a dog is a danger to himself or to our staff, in which case special care from a veterinarian might be the best option. Not sure? Give us a call, and we’ll figure it out!

What is a Pup Report? (And why should I care?)

At the end of every appointment (including a Scenthound Express), you’ll receive a Pup Report detailing our assessment of your dog’s overall external health. While we’re grooming him, we check his eyes, ears, skin, coat, ears, nails, teeth, and glands—and we keep track of how each of these parts is doing. This way, you can be assured we are well-acquainted with your dog as an individual and any challenges or issues he may have, such as hot spots, allergies, gum issues, ear infections, and the like. The Pup Report is just another way we help you stay informed, educated, and empowered when it comes to your dog’s health and well-being.

What’s the Essential Care Pack?

It’s the short-haired dog owner’s best friend (besides the short-haired dog, that is)! If your dog isn’t in need of a haircut, but needs a bath and that other stuff you don’t wanna — or don’t know how to – deal with, ask for an Essential Care Pack. It’s while you wait, no appointment required, and your dog will get all the essentials:  wash + towel-dry, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, and nails trimmed. All for only $25 a month. Sniffty, eh?


What is grooming?

Well, grooming is really anything that you do to stay clean or healthy or just plain presentable (the same kind of stuff we humans do). It’s not just haircuts and blow-drying, though that’s important for dogs with certain types of fur, such as poodles. It’s washing, brushing, trimming, cleaning, just basic hygiene.

What is a salon visit like?

When you call to make an appointment and once you determine what sorts of services you need, we can tell you about how long you can expect to leave your dog with us (unless you decide on a while-you-wait Essential Care Pack). Then, plan to drop your pup off for a few hours; we’ll give you a call when she’s shiny and clean and ready to go. Before you take off, we’ll go over your needs and wants, so we can be sure we are giving you the best service possible. While your pup’s with us, you can generally expect the following schedule of fun (depending on the services you’ve requested):  a careful bath, including ear cleaning, gland-expressing, and teeth-brushing; then the grooming table for haircut, brush, and blow-dry, nail-trimming and filing, ear-fur and pad-fur trimming and the like.  As we perform all these services, we are paying careful attention so that we can give you a Pup Report when you pick her up; this offers you a chance to chat with your groomer about any issues or concerns we may have noted while grooming; you can also use this time to ask advice and tips on caring for your pup at home